“Julie has had the best first year of any artist in recent memory. She completely rose to the challenge of taking over on numerous projects when needed, and doubly took over the reins from [Lead Artist] on Wander Light (and continues to hit that project out of the park). On paper she's a production artist, but she's proven to be so much more than that in such a short time. It's impressive, and inspiring.”


“Julie is above and beyond amazing. Since day 1 as a freelancer she has been a fast learner, eager to help, polite, friendly, positive, and talented. I feel so lucky to work with her and have loved every day getting to be coworkers.”


“She's quickly becoming one of my favorite people to work with on the art team.”


“Julie is an incredible asset and it will be a privilege to see what she does in the next year.”


“I absolutely see her growing past her current position very soon. Julie is absolutely the best and i love her!”

“She is obviously extremely talented!! Everything she makes is awesome and she's done an especially awesome job with all of the artwork on Wander Light. She's basically the lead artist on that project and is doing an awesome job.”


“She has a really good eye for design, especially for characters. her work on Wander Light has been great.”

“Julie excels at adding little touches to all of her work that always improves on the original concepts. Everything she draws has extra life and character that elevates the project.”


“Julie has great ideas for projects, even outside of art. She's always a dependable hand for working out a solution to a problem.”

“She is quick and incredibly versatile.”


“On Paper Girls, she was able to create both Real and Paper world assets, which was quite unique—most of our artists were either Photoshop OR Flash experts.”


“She's risen to every design task we've given her so far—as recently as creating sketches for the [confidential project] game design document.”


“She has taken every challenge thrown at her and impressed everyone in the studio.”

“She's good at doing on the fly changes and switching gears when something bumps in priority”


“She's been great with learning new tools, learning things like Spine, TexturePacker, Unity, etc!”

“On Wander Light she's been able to help not just with art production, but also review all of the in-game artwork, helping to catch implementation errors or other mistakes.”

“She has been a dream to work with from a producer's perspective.”


“She also seems to go above and beyond to be a friend to her coworkers.”