I'm Julie Oliveira, I'm an animator, illustrator and designer.  I am a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where I studied animation. After studying art traditionally I decided I wanted to do something with more personality.  I am currently a Production Artist at FableVision Studio, where I help create interactive media for children that aids in education.

My main focuses are in story, character, background and color design. I enjoy making narrative work and breathing life into expressive characters. I typically work digitally, but maintain a gestural, sketchbook feel.  My goal is to produce work that pokes at  nostalgia and sentimentality, as well as the imagination that lies within anyone of any age.

When I'm not drawing I'm usually watching reruns of The X Files, cooking a meal to share with friends, or playing EarthBound on my Super Nintendo. Some of my favorite things are coffee, 80's music, science museums, ice cream and road trips.